Supplementation in Women

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Supplementation in Women

Graduate doctor at UnB

Specialist in Gynecology and Colposcopy

Post Graduation in Orthomolecular Practice in Medicine (PUC)

Extensive academic training in Brazil and abroad

Adept of Integrative Medicine

More than 25 Years Dedicated to the Care of Women


Through the womenlife the needs of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and hormones vary widely. Among many factors that can influence health and well-being, we highlight:





Infectious diseases

Autoimmune diseases

Family diseases

Contraceptive Use

Use of hormonal therapy


Dr. Ana Luiza is completing another postgraduate course in Functional and Preventive Medicine with an emphasis on orthomolecular practice to correct minor changes in the health of her patients.


Patients when they attend “routine” exams are fully evaluated, and given the prescription of supplements they need to improve or maintain their health and well-being.