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HPV Laser Treatment

Effective treatment for HPV

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are many, and each year they are becoming more frequent between men and women. Many of us do not prevent STDs from ignorance or disregard.


One of the consequences of STD is the high incidence of Cervical Cancer, being the second most frequent female neoplasia. The severity of this disease led to studies carried out by gynecological clinics worldwide. In these studies,the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is present in more than 95% of cases of cervical cancer and 26% to 50% in penile cancer. However, IS important to be sure that there is HPV infection.


The treatment of HPV lesions in women and men using CO2 LASER (or Erbium) has the advantage of being the only method that can be used with local anesthesia without direct contact with the lesion (low risk of cross-contamination), very low infection risk because it is bactericidal and leaves no scars in the vast majority of cases.


In the presence of obvious condylomataacuminata (warts) these should not only be removed as a LASER ablation should be performed on the surrounding normal vulvar skin to decrease the risk of relapse.


CO2 LASER is the only treatment for HPV infection used at all locations in the genital tract: vulva, vagina, cervix, anus, urethral meatus and perineum. CO2 laser is widely used in many countries.


In Brasilia, our clinic is a pioneer in providing this technology with undeniable benefits for patients, many of whom have tried other treatments without success.


How diagnose HPV?

Clinical,peniscopy and hybrid capture are the methods of choice. Clinically it is a verrucous lesion and commonly called “Cock Crest”. The penis is the involvement of the genital region with a towel moistened with 5% acetic acid, which may reveal subclinical warts that appear as whitish areas. Hybrid capture is an examination done by means of a penile and urethral brush with the objective of looking for the presence of the HPV virus DNA – it is currently the most sensitive examination for this diagnosis.


How to treat HPV?

Visible warts treated by chemical cauterization with some substances such as podophyllin, cryosurgery, electrocauterization or LASER. The goal of local treatment in HPV infection is to remove visible warts and reduce any signs and symptoms that a patient may have because of the wart infection.


Why Treat?

This is a very important question and deserves some considerations:


  1. By eliminating HPV lesions, we stimulate the immune system in eliminating the virus.
  2. Elimination of the lesions may prevent their transmission.
  3. HPV infection is an STD and we take the opportunity to research other STDs, evaluate and treat contaminated partners.


Does Partner Treatment Interfere with Partner Evolution?

This is a topic that has been addressed lately and there are works evidencing that the treatment of the partner does not interfere in the evolution of his partner, and other works, in which the treatment of the partner and the use of condon decrease the relapses. Undoubtedly, in cases where the couple has only intercourse with each other, it is more difficult to explain the higher rate of relapse, since the same viral types will be involved and the immunity of each will determine the evolution of the disease. As it is difficult to be sure that the couple is monogamous the approach of the partner is not invalidated, in addition, the partner can present another associated STD, and as a carrier of an STD should be evaluated and treated as early as possible.