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Genitoscopy :

Evaluation of the diseases of the female and male sex organs, especially with regard to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):

HPV, syphilis, venereal lymphogranuloma, donovanose, gonorrhea, contagious molluscum and genital ulcers (wounds).

Video colposcopy :

Colposcopy is a procedure to closely examine your cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of disease. During colposcopy, your doctor uses a special instrument called a Colposcope.

Your doctor may recommend colposcopy if your Pap test result is abnormalwhen there is suspicion of cervical disease.If your doctor finds an unusual area of cells during colposcopy, a sample of tissue (biopsy) can be collected for laboratory testing (biopsy).


Changes in the cells harvested from the cervix (Preventive / Papanicolau)

History of contact with HPV carriers or other STDs

Infections or inflammation of the uterine cervix.

Non-menstrual bleeding in the sexual intercourse

Presence of HPV virus detected in genotyping.


The test is performed with video equipment attached to a camera that increases the vision of the uterine cervix by up to forty times to locate and quantify the lesions. The cervix is photographed with image record to follow the response to treatment. In case of suspicious lesions biopsies are performed at the time of the examination. The patient receives a report with photos at the end of each videocolposcopy.



Application of acid in compromised areas

Electrosurgery for cauterization of the uterine cervix with high-frequency equipment.

LASER for vaporization with that allows the treatment of all the genital and anal areas securely andeffectively of HPV lesions in the cervix, vagina, vulva and anus.