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Congresses 2019

  • Practical course and management Hormonal Implants Elmeco Dr.
    Elsimar Coutinho.
    Salvador Bahia, January 2019
  • Brasiliense Symposium of Headache – Headache Treatment
    de Brasilia.
    Brasília, March 2019
  • 5º National Implant Technology Meeting
    Salvador, May 2019
  • 32º International Congress of Orthomolecular Practice
    14º Healthy aging congress
    6º Latin American Congress of Nutrigenomics, Clinical and
    5º Applied Herbalife Forum
    4º Brazilian Symposium on Nutrition and Physical Exercise
    São Paulo, June 2019

Congresses 2018

  • 1º Immersion course in sexuality – GinecoUSP
    São Paulo, June 2018
  • VII Brazilian Symposium of Medicine and Plastic Surgery Aesthetics and
    1º Brazilian Consensus on Regenerative Cosmetology.
    São Paulo, July 2018
  • 31º International Congress of Orthomolecular Practice
    Healthy Aging, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Exercise.
    São Paulo, June 2018
  • Symposium of the Aging Studies group Practical module
    of Sterile Implants – Multidisciplinary Treatment (ABMAE)
    Hormone Implants
    São Paulo, June 2018
  • VII International Congress of Oncologic Gynecology
    Gynecological cancer
    São Paulo, August 2018
  • XII FIGO World Congress of Gynecology
    Rio de janeiro, October 2018
  • 7 International Congress of Sciences of Human Longevity.
    São Paulo, November 2018
  • Fractional laser treatment on the Genital MonalisaTouch for treatment
    and Urinary Incontinence.
    Brasília, April 2018

Congresses 2017

  • Muscle Hypertrophy – Physical Exercise and Hormonal Repercussion
    Brasília, October 2017
  • 30º International Congress of Orthomolecular Practice
    Prevention and treatment of diseases through the
    Nutrients, use of antioxidant supplements
    Effect of free radicals responsible for aging and
    São Paulo, June 2017
  • CO2 Laser in Gynecology
    Brasília, November 2017
  • International Academy of Hormonal Studies- Dr. TherryHertoghe
    Brasília, June 2017
  • 49º Congress of Gynecology of the Federal District
    Brasília, June 2017

Congresses 2016

  • 1º Congress on Preventive Medicine
    Brasília, February 2016
  • Integrated Oncology III of the Sírio Libanês Hospital Gynecological Cancer
    Brasília, February 2016
  • Endocrine and Reproductive Gynecology.
    Brasília, March 2016
  • 8º Human Reproduction Symposium of Brasilia
    Brasília, April 2016
  • HPV- Molecular Biology and Vaccine
    Brasília, April 2016
  • Advanced Nutraceuticals in the Prevention and Maintenance of Health
    Brasília, June 2016
  • 1º Summit Brazil of Diabesidade
    Obesity and Diabetes
    Brasília, October 2016