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Aesthetic Gynecology

Plastic Surgery, Skin Whitening and Other

Graduate doctor at UnB

Specialist in Gynecology and Colposcopy

Post Graduation in Orthomolecular Practice in Medicine (PUC)

Extensive academic training in Brazil and abroad

Adept of Integrative Medicine

More than 25 Years Dedicated to the Care of Women


Association of gynecological surgical techniques with those of plastic surgery to obtain results that achieve aesthetic and functional improvement of the different female pathologies. Among other treatments, we offer:


Plastic surgery of small lips (Labiaplasty)

Large lip surgery (the larger, outer vaginal lips)

Clearing the skin of the vulvar area.

Removal of signs and nodules (lumps)

Before surgery,all patients are carefully evaluated.

Images of the genitalia are performed to discuss prior to the procedure.

Most of the treatments are performed with local anesthesia without need for hospital admission.


What is Aesthetic Gynecology and Intimate Aesthetics?

For all the modifications imposed by aging or even constitutional and functional changes, Aesthetic Gynecology presents solutions that solve and attenuate, leading to a better esthetic, functional aspect and adding bases of an improvement of self-esteem and sexual security. Genital rejuvenation, reduction of volumes, finally make the woman feel as if she were in her youth.


What changes can women make to worry about Aesthetic Gynecology?

The natural evolution of the maturation of intrinsic (natural) aging, pregnancy, obesity, contraception, nutrition, smoking, alcoholism, chemical dependency and even genetic constitution, imposes modifications on the female genitalia, with reduction of skin elasticity, reduction of dermal hydration, darkening and pigmentation of the skin in the genital area and inner part of the thighs and groin, reducing subcutaneous fat.


Can every woman do the procedures in Aesthetic Gynecology?

Yes. The aesthetic issues of the genitalia present themselves at any age of the woman. Many young women may experience complexes with increased Venus heap, which prevent them from wearing tight bikinis or tights, or lower pants on the pelvic area. Women in the age range of 40 to 60 years, notice volume reduction of large lips, often looking aged, looking flaccid. There are for these women laser resurfacing for rejuvenations, labiaplasty surgeries with innovative techniques.


Does Gynecological Esthetics interfere with sexual life?

Yes. Many women are ashamed of their partners for changes in their genital area. They create blocks, avoid sexual intercourse in enlightened environments, and discontinue wearing some clothes. When they rescue these parameters sexuality and their power of seduction, providing a better sexual interaction with their partner.